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Trust Obisoft to manage
your next HR measurement

At Obisoft we are specialists in employee satisfaction. We have put together an effective “temperature gauge” with the aim of optimizing your return on investment.

Employee satisfaction surveys can be lengthy and time-consuming. We have used our experience and hand-picked exactly the questions which measure your organization’s performance within working environment, employee satisfaction and leadership competence.

This knowledge can be transformed into concrete actions with effect on the organization’s people and the bottom line.
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HR manager with peace of mind

HR manager with peace of mind is an ongoing agreement of assistance where Obisoft has a proactive role in carrying out your HR tasks and workflows related to the Obisoft® system

A system specialist from Obisoft becomes a virtual part time employee in the customer’s HR department. Based on a concrete agreement, the virtual employee from Obisoft takes responsibility for concrete work tasks in relation to the Obisoft® system.
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